Secret Friend.


Even though I’m from Finland, I do not, and I mean I REALLY DO NOT like cold!

And it has indeed gotten very cold, and when it’s not that cold, it’s rainy and windy. Oh and it’s dark from like around 6 pm until 8.30 am. And the dark lasts longer every day.

Since I dislike the cold and the darkness, I do not leave the house much on my spare time, except to walk my dog. So I’ve had to come up with things to keep myself occupied while I stay inside. I’ve of course watched a lot of my favorite shows, read books, cooked and baked lots of yummy stuff and surfed the amazing world of the internet, but also started a new hobby. When I was younger I used to have a couple of pen pals. I really missed having sort of a secret friend that’s mine and mine only. And the feeling when you come home, you see a large pile of mail and instead of just bills and clothing catalogs, there’s also a letter from that friend… So much fun! So I decided to post an add for pen pals on internet. And guess what, so far I have 3. From my homeland of Finland, Turkey and Holland. AMAZING!

Sooo, I’ve spent some of my time writing super long letters. Not only is it fun to send and receive letters, but it’s like having your own private therapy session every time you sit down and start writing. Also, you get to develop a friendship in this social media era, that goes so much beyond whatsapping, tweeting, liking your friends posts on facebook, instagramming and hanging around with your friends and their smartphones. You really have to empty your mind of everything else and focus on the letter you got from someone who put their time, thought and energy to write to you. And you get to invest the same amount of your time, thought and energy into replying.

It’s much like writing a blog. Except it’s quite not, because you get lengthy well thought-out comments for every bit of information you give to your pen pal. 🙂

Do you people have any hobbies?